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How I Taught My Dog To Play Fetch

A great exercise for a dog is the simple and most cliche of all dog tricks. What is it?

It’s playing fetch!

The concept is simple right? You grab a ball, yell out to your dog “all right buddy! Go get the ball!”, then you toss the ball and he runs after it, grabs it, returns it and drops it off by your feet for you to toss it again.

As simple as that whole thing is, it is pretty tricky teaching your dog how to play fetch. The first thing you’re going to have to realize is that it’s going to take quite a bit of time to teach them.

If I was going to teach a dog to play fetch I would probably set aside about 1 hour a day for about a week to do the training. Another thing you’re going to have to keep in mind is that you’re going to have to be very patient with your little guy.

I would start off things with a tennis ball. I’d introduce them to the ball and just start rolling it around and get him used to playing with it. I’d bounce it around and make it exciting and make it fun.

What are going to quickly realize is that when he has the ball he’s not going to want to let go of it. What you don’t want to do is to yank it out of his mouth. This will only cause him to clamp down harder on the ball and not want to let go. What you have to do is just grab it in his mouth and hold it. Do not pull it just hold on. Let him give it up. By you simply grabbing it and holding it while he has it in his mouth too it causes him to give up and just give it to you. He in a way yields to you.

Once you start to do this in hold on to the ball and let him drop it he starts to get used to it. His little mind starts to understand that you want him to drop the ball off to you. So the next step would be to start to throw the ball a little ways out. He’ll run after it and grab it. Problem is sometimes he won’t come back to you. So you just got to call out his name and make it fun for him to come running back and you guys fight for the ball again. Once he gets back to you repeat the process of grabbing the ball from his mouth and not pulling it just holding it. He’ll begin to understand that he has to let it go. Once you do this enough times once you stick your hand out he’ll just voluntarily just drop it there. It’s pretty cool to see when that happens.

Once you get them used to getting the ball from a few feet away and get him used to coming back to you and letting go the ball it’s time to start chucking that thing further.

Start by throwing it out 20 to 30 feet out and having him bring it back to you. After a while he’ll start to understand what the whole concept is all about. Then you can start throwing it further and further away.

The next step you’re going to have to teach him is how to stop playing fetch. If you don’t teach him this he’ll never want to stop. The way I’ve taught my dogs to stop is very simple. Once we are done playing I grab the ball and yell up the word “mine”. Once I yell at that word mine I Hold On To The Ball and not moving anymore.

Doing this makes him realize that me, the pack leader, is daou in charge of the ball. I’ve taken control of it and ownership of it. Since he knows I am the leader he simply yields without any hesitation and is perfectly cool with the idea. He didn’t knows playtime is over. I snap him out of it and we go about our business.

That’s it. That’s pretty much how I teach a dog how to play fetch. It does take a little bit of time and a little bit of patience. And I will be honest, there are some dogs that simply don’t like it. They don’t like it and they will never learn it so you going to have to deal with that. My little maltese is like that.…

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Grooming This Cool Breed Of Dog

Hey, you know what? Grooming and bathing is just as important to dogs as it is to us, humans. Only thing is, they don’t need it as often as we do. I’m sure a dog doesn’t care all that much if it’s clean as much as we do but it’s our job to bath and grooms them.

When it comes to a Cesky Terrier, the bathing should be done probably every couple of weeks, of course depending on the type of activities and mischief the little guy gets into. Of course, you should always use shampoos designed for dogs since the got totally different skin and oils than us humans.

The most common type of grooming and haircut the Cesky Terrier gets is a cool looking cut. The cool thing about the Cesky is that it’s hair gross long and it’s really smooth and flows really well. How most people cut it is by having all of its hair and coat super short and trimmed up of the entire back and sides of the dog. The hair is also trimmed really short through the upper parts of their legs and all the way up their entire neck and ears.

They leave it long in two places. The leave it long underneath the belly and the lower portions of the legs. The last place they leave it long is on its snout and chin. It’s left long on the bridge of its nos too to give it that sweat looking stash and beard look.

It’s a really awesome looking haircut that flows beautifully as the little guy runs around in excitement. It feels really good to pet its long and muscular body in the parts with its short hair. I just love the look of that haircut on that beautiful creature!

I’m sure the Cesky terrier could care less what type of haircut it got. With its strong but calm energy, it will always go about its day with its loving family.

With my Cesky, I like to schedule him in almost every three weeks to get groomed. I usually take him for a LONG walk to tire him and wear him out before we take him to get groomed. I’ve noticed that this really helps our little poodle that’s a lighting ball of energy and HATES getting groomed.

We always ask our groomer to take special care of our guy Bruiser and she always does. At first, he didn’t like going to get groomed but after we’ve trained him with the long walk first, he’s gotten quite calm and relaxed when he goes.

When he is done he comes out thinking his god’s dog gift to man! (I know, it’s just me that thinks that but hey, that’s what I think he does!) He comes out fired up and full of energy. He comes out looking like he knows he looks good!

Well, the truth is that he does! He looks amazing every time. We live right across the street from a park and people love to pet our little pal Bruiser and love he’s a unique look and cool stache and beard we give him.…

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A Little History On The Cesky Terrier

As you’re probably aware by now, I love the Cesky Terrier. To me, it simply is a beautiful little dog breed. With its muscular long body and tiny little legs, I find it adorable. I love the grooming most owners pot on it with its nice and long growing coat. It makes for a cool look of fur covering up those stubby little legs and a sweet looking stache and beard.

Today I did a little research on the history of the Cesky and found out some pretty cool stuff. From what I’ve read in several locations is that this dog was breed between a Sealyham Terrier and a Scottish Terrier. The breeder was a man by the name of František Horák from Czechoslovakia.

According to some of the stuff I have read from Wikipedia and a bunch of other sources, the dog was bred to help with hunting out in the forests of Bohemia Germany. As far as I could tell, people really seemed to like his new breed of dog and he started to get a lot of mail to inquire about the dog.  Czechoslovakia being a communist country was not happy with this since all the mail caught there attention. Crazy stuff!!

Horák worked in some type of scientific field, to me it seemed to be part of a genetic field of sorts. From what I’ve read, it also helped him tremendously with his work as he worked on breeding other animals too like horses. Being in the scientific field, obviously, he was very good at documenting his work in breeding so the Cesky Terrier has been recognized as a legit breed a lot sooner than other breeds. Most breeds having records going back hundreds of years to be recognized. The Cesky Terrier has been recognized as a legit breed in just about 40 years.

I found a few pictures I found of the guy that created my favorite breed of dog. Good old fashioned black and white pictures show you just how far back this little guy has come from.

From what I’ve also read, it looks like the breed was imported the the good-ol-US of A back in the 1980s by a few lovers of the dog. I’m sure if I was around at that time I would’ve joined them!

Well, anyways, the breed today is well recognized by pretty much all major kennel clubs.

Pretty crazy to learn a little history of a particular breed of dog. It really makes you appreciate the breed even more and you learn about the gentleman that put all the efforts that he did to design this breed.

Thank you sir for breeding the perfect dog for me!…

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Cesky Terrier – Love At First Sight

Yes sir,

It was love at first site after seeing the Canadian Cesky Terrier for the first time.

I currently own a couple of little pooches that I got running around the house. I got a tiny 5 lb Poodle named Agon (my son named him okay!) and a 5 lb Maltese named Dubby (Again, my 8 year old son at the time named him) and we love the little guys to death.

They are both two little piles of endless energy and need constant activities and exercise. Our poodle love to play fetch and won’t stop wants he starts, and our maltese will just run back and forth and watch since he can’t really grasp the concept of grabbing the ball then bringing it back. God bless his little heart but he simply isn’t as bright as our little poodle, but he does make up for it with his undying affection for us!

So our little guys, we now have owned for about 9 years, are starting to slow down a bit. They aren’t the endless little balls of energy they once were (hey, age catches up to us all!) so we’ve thought about maybe getting another dog to join our pack.

Sitting on the couch watching TV one day I was watching a dog show competition when I noticed a breed of dog that I’d never really seen before. It was a Canadian Cesky Terrier! It was the most adorable thing I had ever seen!

I saw him strutting around with his tiny little legs covered in that cool trim they gave him. Almost looked like it was a tiny push broom being strolled around. His little facial hair cut they gave him was just about the coolest thing I’d ever seen and it made him look so elegent and sophistcated!

The moment I saw him on TV is the moment I knew I wanted one to join our family!

I went online to do some research on this breed and found some out some cool things about its nature.

First off, the Cesky Terrier is small, at about 15 lb to 20 lb which would be just fine around our other dogs. His energy and exercise requirements aren’t even high at all! Unlike other terriers, he is a lot more calm and laid back, which was perfect since our other dog’s energy and exercise requirements had gone down in the last few years. Another awesome fact I figured out was that they are a very social dog and need to be around other people or dogs all the time. Again, perfect for my family! There are five of us at the house plus the additional dogs. This would work out great for for his breed!

So went off to see how we can go about in getting one. I won’t go into all the details  on how we ended up getting one cuz that’s a long story on itself, but we were able to get a little guy for our family!

We were all so happy to have a new member to our pack and even though Agon, our little poodle doesn’t really like other dogs all that much except for his loyal buddy Dubby the maltese, he slowly got around to liking the little guy we all decided to call Bruiser.

More things will be told about our new little guys and more about this cool little breed of dog.…

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