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A Little History On The Cesky Terrier

As you’re probably aware by now, I love the Cesky Terrier. To me, it simply is a beautiful little dog breed. With its muscular long body and tiny little legs, I find it adorable. I love the grooming most owners pot on it with its nice and long growing coat. It makes for a cool look of fur covering up those stubby little legs and a sweet looking stache and beard.

Today I did a little research on the history of the Cesky and found out some pretty cool stuff. From what I’ve read in several locations is that this dog was breed between a Sealyham Terrier and a Scottish Terrier. The breeder was a man by the name of František Horák from Czechoslovakia.

According to some of the stuff I have read from Wikipedia and a bunch of other sources, the dog was bred to help with hunting out in the forests of Bohemia Germany. As far as I could tell, people really seemed to like his new breed of dog and he started to get a lot of mail to inquire about the dog.  Czechoslovakia being a communist country was not happy with this since all the mail caught there attention. Crazy stuff!!

Horák worked in some type of scientific field, to me it seemed to be part of a genetic field of sorts. From what I’ve read, it also helped him tremendously with his work as he worked on breeding other animals too like horses. Being in the scientific field, obviously, he was very good at documenting his work in breeding so the Cesky Terrier has been recognized as a legit breed a lot sooner than other breeds. Most breeds having records going back hundreds of years to be recognized. The Cesky Terrier has been recognized as a legit breed in just about 40 years.

I found a few pictures I found of the guy that created my favorite breed of dog. Good old fashioned black and white pictures show you just how far back this little guy has come from.

From what I’ve also read, it looks like the breed was imported the the good-ol-US of A back in the 1980s by a few lovers of the dog. I’m sure if I was around at that time I would’ve joined them!

Well, anyways, the breed today is well recognized by pretty much all major kennel clubs.

Pretty crazy to learn a little history of a particular breed of dog. It really makes you appreciate the breed even more and you learn about the gentleman that put all the efforts that he did to design this breed.

Thank you sir for breeding the perfect dog for me!

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