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Cesky Terrier – Love At First Sight

Yes sir,

It was love at first site after seeing the Canadian Cesky Terrier for the first time.

I currently own a couple of little pooches that I got running around the house. I got a tiny 5 lb Poodle named Agon (my son named him okay!) and a 5 lb Maltese named Dubby (Again, my 8 year old son at the time named him) and we love the little guys to death.

They are both two little piles of endless energy and need constant activities and exercise. Our poodle love to play fetch and won’t stop wants he starts, and our maltese will just run back and forth and watch since he can’t really grasp the concept of grabbing the ball then bringing it back. God bless his little heart but he simply isn’t as bright as our little poodle, but he does make up for it with his undying affection for us!

So our little guys, we now have owned for about 9 years, are starting to slow down a bit. They aren’t the endless little balls of energy they once were (hey, age catches up to us all!) so we’ve thought about maybe getting another dog to join our pack.

Sitting on the couch watching TV one day I was watching a dog show competition when I noticed a breed of dog that I’d never really seen before. It was a Canadian Cesky Terrier! It was the most adorable thing I had ever seen!

I saw him strutting around with his tiny little legs covered in that cool trim they gave him. Almost looked like it was a tiny push broom being strolled around. His little facial hair cut they gave him was just about the coolest thing I’d ever seen and it made him look so elegent and sophistcated!

The moment I saw him on TV is the moment I knew I wanted one to join our family!

I went online to do some research on this breed and found some out some cool things about its nature.

First off, the Cesky Terrier is small, at about 15 lb to 20 lb which would be just fine around our other dogs. His energy and exercise requirements aren’t even high at all! Unlike other terriers, he is a lot more calm and laid back, which was perfect since our other dog’s energy and exercise requirements had gone down in the last few years. Another awesome fact I figured out was that they are a very social dog and need to be around other people or dogs all the time. Again, perfect for my family! There are five of us at the house plus the additional dogs. This would work out great for for his breed!

So went off to see how we can go about in getting one. I won’t go into all the details  on how we ended up getting one cuz that’s a long story on itself, but we were able to get a little guy for our family!

We were all so happy to have a new member to our pack and even though Agon, our little poodle doesn’t really like other dogs all that much except for his loyal buddy Dubby the maltese, he slowly got around to liking the little guy we all decided to call Bruiser.

More things will be told about our new little guys and more about this cool little breed of dog.

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