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Grooming This Cool Breed Of Dog

Hey, you know what? Grooming and bathing is just as important to dogs as it is to us, humans. Only thing is, they don’t need it as often as we do. I’m sure a dog doesn’t care all that much if it’s clean as much as we do but it’s our job to bath and grooms them.

When it comes to a Cesky Terrier, the bathing should be done probably every couple of weeks, of course depending on the type of activities and mischief the little guy gets into. Of course, you should always use shampoos designed for dogs since the got totally different skin and oils than us humans.

The most common type of grooming and haircut the Cesky Terrier gets is a cool looking cut. The cool thing about the Cesky is that it’s hair gross long and it’s really smooth and flows really well. How most people cut it is by having all of its hair and coat super short and trimmed up of the entire back and sides of the dog. The hair is also trimmed really short through the upper parts of their legs and all the way up their entire neck and ears.

They leave it long in two places. The leave it long underneath the belly and the lower portions of the legs. The last place they leave it long is on its snout and chin. It’s left long on the bridge of its nos too to give it that sweat looking stash and beard look.

It’s a really awesome looking haircut that flows beautifully as the little guy runs around in excitement. It feels really good to pet its long and muscular body in the parts with its short hair. I just love the look of that haircut on that beautiful creature!

I’m sure the Cesky terrier could care less what type of haircut it got. With its strong but calm energy, it will always go about its day with its loving family.

With my Cesky, I like to schedule him in almost every three weeks to get groomed. I usually take him for a LONG walk to tire him and wear him out before we take him to get groomed. I’ve noticed that this really helps our little poodle that’s a lighting ball of energy and HATES getting groomed.

We always ask our groomer to take special care of our guy Bruiser and she always does. At first, he didn’t like going to get groomed but after we’ve trained him with the long walk first, he’s gotten quite calm and relaxed when he goes.

When he is done he comes out thinking his god’s dog gift to man! (I know, it’s just me that thinks that but hey, that’s what I think he does!) He comes out fired up and full of energy. He comes out looking like he knows he looks good!

Well, the truth is that he does! He looks amazing every time. We live right across the street from a park and people love to pet our little pal Bruiser and love he’s a unique look and cool stache and beard we give him.

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