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Tips On Walking The Cesky Terrier

I can honestly say that nothing will bond your dog with its owner than a good long walk.

What could be better?

You take your pal out for a long 45 minute to an hour stroll, you get some much-needed exercise. Your buddy gets his much-needed exercise. It creates a great activity for his mind. It shows your loyal companion that it is YOU that is the pack leader and creates an incredible bond.

Want to know something else? If you have other dogs and you need to introduce a new dog to the family, nothing will do that better than a long walk. Well, that is if you do walking correctly.

I wanted to share some of my tips here for walking your Cesky terrier but these tips will work with pretty much any dog.

I’ve owned dogs pretty much all of my adult life. I became a huge fan of the show The Dog Whisperer and learned a great deal about dogs that I started to figure out on my own. We owned a toy poodle for a while and it was the only dog we had. We later went out and got a toy Maltese to join our pack. When we first got the dog our poodle hates him! He always went after him and attacked him.

Well, I decided to take them both out for long 1 hour walks every day. I kept them both on short leashes and always walked in front of them to let them know that it was I that was in charge of the show. It’s crazy, but just after a few times of doing this, I discovered that they would both just submit and let me take the lead. almost as if they were waiting for me to do so!

With time, our poodle just got along with the Maltese and learned to expect him in the family. Whenever he’d try to get aggressive towards him I would simply stand in front of him and snap my fingers and he knew I was not gonna let that happen.

So when it comes to walking your cesky, here’s a few tips I’d follow.

Number 1 – Walk him everyday for at least 30 minutes. This also depends on the energy level of the dog. Some are a little more energetic than others and might need a good solid hour.

Number 2 – Always walk ahead of the pooch. I try to walk at a pretty good pace and shorten up the leash so that I am either always walking ahead of him or exactly side-by-side. This shows them that it is you that is in charge.

Number 3 – Make sure they focus. Always have them look forward and focus. Do not let them get distracted and allow them to start sniff around and peeing all over the place. Wait till the 30 minutes are up before you let them do that. this shows them a reward for maintaining their focus and being obedient.

Number 4 – Reward them. After a good long walk and having your little guy come in through that little dog door you set up for them, and reward the little guy with some snacks or treats. To me, this make me think that he thinks whenever we go out for a walk that we are actually going out seeking food. You know, just like a pack of wolves or wild dogs.

Make sure walking is a regular routine when you own a Cesky. Those little guys need to exert their energy. If you don’t, they will start to use that energy with bad habits like chewing stuff up or constant digging. So get out there and walk your dog!…

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