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What People First Love About My Cesky Terrier

A lot of people have to know the idea that the breed of a dog called the Canadian Cesky Terrier even exists. It’s great to see the excitement in people and also seeing their reaction on their faces from the pure cuteness of my breed of dog. I’ll admit it… I love it when I get those reactions about my dog Bruiser.

I’ll take him out to Lowe’s home improvement store, which is a super cool store that allows you to take your pet in as long as they’re on a leash when I go out on a weekend and am looking for a couple of things to fix up my house. Some of the first things people react to when I’m taking him out for a walk is that cool and unique hair cut. It just draws people in! Even the big and tough contractors in the store. I’m surprised at how many there are! There was one contractor in Paso Robles in particular that really loved my dog.

They just can help and ask what type of dog I own. I, of course, am always more than happy to tell them. Yes, I’m super proud of my breed of dog.

Well, I’ve kept track to see some of the best characteristics that really catch the attention, other dog lovers, I meet.

Number 1 – One of the very first things other dog lovers like about my Cesky is the look and feel of his hair. His unique haircut that leaves his looking like a giant push broom and that cool looking stash and beard always captivates everyone. They simply love the look and when they go to pet him, the love the way the fur feels so smooth and soft. Mines got a cool darker color and it just looks amazing.

Number 2 – When I’m strolling out in the park or walking my little buddy in a store that allows pets, people are confused as to what type of dog I own. They are surprised when I tell them the breed as many have never heard of it but are also impressed with his little size.  They love his size and think it is the perfect dog size to have in a home. Not too big, and not too small. The pet his little firm and muscular body and immediately fall in love with him. Too bad! He’s my little buddy!

Number 3 – Know what surprises a lot of fellow dog owners about my dog? Just how well behaved he is and incredible social my little Bruiser is. I explain to them that Cesky Terriers are a little less energetic compared to other Terrier breeds and that they don’t really need all that much exercise. I tell them that he’s about a mid-level energy type dog and when I take him out, he tends to relax after a while of walking. I also tell them that he is very social and we started him off that way in our family. He gets plenty of family time and gets along great with people and other dogs.

Number 4 –  Other dog lovers are surprised to learn of his breed. People are pretty much impressed with his overall appearance and demeanor. Almost no one has ever heard of a Cesky Terrier. Once I tell them a little history about the breed and its characteristics, they all seem very impressed! Makes me proud to know that I’m strolling around my town with such a rare breed. It also makes me very proud to know that I take great care of my little buddy, with regular groomings, good dog foods, plenty of exercise, and probably an overdose of love. But hey, a dog can never have too much of that right?

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