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What I Feed My Cesky And Other Dogs

I don’t know about you but as a dog lover, I am really concerned about the food that I feed my dogs. I am the owner of three dogs. I got a little toy poodle that weighs about 5 pounds. I got a tiny Maltese that also weighs about 5 pounds. Then I got my Cesky terrier my waist about 20 pounds, so he’s a beast compared to the rest of the guys.

The poodle that I own I’ve had as part of our family for close to 10 years now. The Maltese we’ve had for approximately seven years. And the Cesky Terrier we’ve had for about 2 years now. Now I will have to admit then when I first got our little poodle I wasn’t very familiar with dog foods all that much. I basically fed him the cheap stuff that you buy at any store anywhere. You know the type of dog food I’m talking about, stuff like pedigree and all those other cheap bags people buy.

The only thing I did know about dog food was I knew that I was going to have to buy smaller bite-size pieces for my toy dogs.

Well let me tell you right here, I learned some incredibly tough lessons with cheap dog food. I learned it a lot of this dog food is a bunch of processed filler and not even real food. At the very beginning with my little poodle we used to buy him the cheap food and he used to be just fine. We never noticed anything different with him. He seemed healthy full of energy and bounced around all over the place. It wasn’t until he was about 3 years old that we started to notice and weird things about him. We started the notice that he constantly had ear infections. We take him to the vet he analyzed them and tell us that he just had some minor infections. He gives us ear drops to put into him and tell us about little mites that he would collect in his ears. The problem was that he smelled really bad too.

Well, we just kept going at it and kept buying ear drops and trying to cure him of his little ear mites that he kept getting. But nothing really seemed to work. Later on, we started to notice that he started to get an infection on his skin. Our poor little guy was constantly scratching constantly digging in his ears with his paws and always seem like he was irritated. He could not stop licking his paws and constantly scratching everywhere. We could not figure out what was wrong with him. His pink little skin was starting to turn black and we had no idea why. We took him to the vet and he just told us that he had an infection and give us medicine for him but it didn’t hear him.

It wasn’t until a friend of ours that owns a junk removal in Santa Barbara started to tell us what he thought was wrong with him. He told us it could be his food because he had a similar thing happen to his dog. I started to look online and really started to do some homework and realize what was wrong with him. I started to read online that dogs are carnivores and they require foods high in protein. The dog foods that we give our dogs are loaded with carbohydrates. Not only are they loaded with carbohydrates they’re filled with a bunch of fillers and garbage that’s not even real food. That’s when it suddenly hit me that it’s got to be the food that was hurting him. He was low on energy he looks like he was constantly in pain for a while there I thought he was going to die.

So that’s when I decided just to stop buying him the cheap dog food. I went over to Petco and bought him Blue Buffalo high protein food. I bought him the small bites toy brand. He seemed to like it and he was eating it up. Well, it took about a month or so, and we started to see some changes in the little guy. In time we started to see his skin color start to go back to pink in color. He started to look like he was no longer in pain. We started to notice that his energy was starting to come back. He was still having problems with his ears but even that was starting to go away. After about three months we’d notice his ears finally start to clear up.

It was like he was a brand new dog all over again. We felt so bad when he’s ears were itching constantly because he could not stop shaking his head to relieve the pain and itching that he had. For a while there we thought he was going to end up hurting his back from shaking so much. But even that eventually went away. I could not believe it was the dog food that was ruining our little pets’ life. I could not believe that people feed this to their dogs. Maybe it’s just our dogs since they’re so purebred that they become extra sensitive to some of that really high processed foods.

Well whatever the case may be, I will never go back to buying cheap dog food ever again. Luckily I learned my lesson and I did not feed those foods to our other two dogs. We fed him nothing but good quality stuff and continue to look into finding even better and better nutrition for our pets. We spent all that money on grooming on toys and on activities for our little guys, why not spend the extra money on great quality food to help them live a good and comfortable life.

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