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What I Feed My Cesky And Other Dogs

I don’t know about you but as a dog lover, I am really concerned about the food that I feed my dogs. I am the owner of three dogs. I got a little toy poodle that weighs about 5 pounds. I got a tiny Maltese that also weighs about 5 pounds. Then I got my Cesky terrier my waist about 20 pounds, so he’s a beast compared to the rest of the guys.

The poodle that I own I’ve had as part of our family for close to 10 years now. The Maltese we’ve had for approximately seven years. And the Cesky Terrier we’ve had for about 2 years now. Now I will have to admit then when I first got our little poodle I wasn’t very familiar with dog foods all that much. I basically fed him the cheap stuff that you buy at any store anywhere. You know the type of dog food I’m talking about, stuff like pedigree and all those other cheap bags people buy.

The only thing I did know about dog food was I knew that I was going to have to buy smaller bite-size pieces for my toy dogs.

Well let me tell you right here, I learned some incredibly tough lessons with cheap dog food. I learned it a lot of this dog food is a bunch of processed filler and not even real food. At the very beginning with my little poodle we used to buy him the cheap food and he used to be just fine. We never noticed anything different with him. He seemed healthy full of energy and bounced around all over the place. It wasn’t until he was about 3 years old that we started to notice and weird things about him. We started the notice that he constantly had ear infections. We take him to the vet he analyzed them and tell us that he just had some minor infections. He gives us ear drops to put into him and tell us about little mites that he would collect in his ears. The problem was that he smelled really bad too.

Well, we just kept going at it and kept buying ear drops and trying to cure him of his little ear mites that he kept getting. But nothing really seemed to work. Later on, we started to notice that he started to get an infection on his skin. Our poor little guy was constantly scratching constantly digging in his ears with his paws and always seem like he was irritated. He could not stop licking his paws and constantly scratching everywhere. We could not figure out what was wrong with him. His pink little skin was starting to turn black and we had no idea why. We took him to the vet and he just told us that he had an infection and give us medicine for him but it didn’t hear him.

It wasn’t until a friend of ours that owns a junk removal in Santa Barbara started to tell us what he thought was wrong with him. He told us it could be his food because he had a similar thing happen to his dog. I started to look online and really started to do some homework and realize what was wrong with him. I started to read online that dogs are carnivores and they require foods high in protein. The dog foods that we give our dogs are loaded with carbohydrates. Not only are they loaded with carbohydrates they’re filled with a bunch of fillers and garbage that’s not even real food. That’s when it suddenly hit me that it’s got to be the food that was hurting him. He was low on energy he looks like he was constantly in pain for a while there I thought he was going to die.

So that’s when I decided just to stop buying him the cheap dog food. I went over to Petco and bought him Blue Buffalo high protein food. I bought him the small bites toy brand. He seemed to like it and he was eating it up. Well, it took about a month or so, and we started to see some changes in the little guy. In time we started to see his skin color start to go back to pink in color. He started to look like he was no longer in pain. We started to notice that his energy was starting to come back. He was still having problems with his ears but even that was starting to go away. After about three months we’d notice his ears finally start to clear up.

It was like he was a brand new dog all over again. We felt so bad when he’s ears were itching constantly because he could not stop shaking his head to relieve the pain and itching that he had. For a while there we thought he was going to end up hurting his back from shaking so much. But even that eventually went away. I could not believe it was the dog food that was ruining our little pets’ life. I could not believe that people feed this to their dogs. Maybe it’s just our dogs since they’re so purebred that they become extra sensitive to some of that really high processed foods.

Well whatever the case may be, I will never go back to buying cheap dog food ever again. Luckily I learned my lesson and I did not feed those foods to our other two dogs. We fed him nothing but good quality stuff and continue to look into finding even better and better nutrition for our pets. We spent all that money on grooming on toys and on activities for our little guys, why not spend the extra money on great quality food to help them live a good and comfortable life.…

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What People First Love About My Cesky Terrier

A lot of people have to know the idea that the breed of a dog called the Canadian Cesky Terrier even exists. It’s great to see the excitement in people and also seeing their reaction on their faces from the pure cuteness of my breed of dog. I’ll admit it… I love it when I get those reactions about my dog Bruiser.

I’ll take him out to Lowe’s home improvement store, which is a super cool store that allows you to take your pet in as long as they’re on a leash when I go out on a weekend and am looking for a couple of things to fix up my house. Some of the first things people react to when I’m taking him out for a walk is that cool and unique hair cut. It just draws people in! Even the big and tough contractors in the store. I’m surprised at how many there are! There was one contractor in Paso Robles in particular that really loved my dog.

They just can help and ask what type of dog I own. I, of course, am always more than happy to tell them. Yes, I’m super proud of my breed of dog.

Well, I’ve kept track to see some of the best characteristics that really catch the attention, other dog lovers, I meet.

Number 1 – One of the very first things other dog lovers like about my Cesky is the look and feel of his hair. His unique haircut that leaves his looking like a giant push broom and that cool looking stash and beard always captivates everyone. They simply love the look and when they go to pet him, the love the way the fur feels so smooth and soft. Mines got a cool darker color and it just looks amazing.

Number 2 – When I’m strolling out in the park or walking my little buddy in a store that allows pets, people are confused as to what type of dog I own. They are surprised when I tell them the breed as many have never heard of it but are also impressed with his little size.  They love his size and think it is the perfect dog size to have in a home. Not too big, and not too small. The pet his little firm and muscular body and immediately fall in love with him. Too bad! He’s my little buddy!

Number 3 – Know what surprises a lot of fellow dog owners about my dog? Just how well behaved he is and incredible social my little Bruiser is. I explain to them that Cesky Terriers are a little less energetic compared to other Terrier breeds and that they don’t really need all that much exercise. I tell them that he’s about a mid-level energy type dog and when I take him out, he tends to relax after a while of walking. I also tell them that he is very social and we started him off that way in our family. He gets plenty of family time and gets along great with people and other dogs.

Number 4 –  Other dog lovers are surprised to learn of his breed. People are pretty much impressed with his overall appearance and demeanor. Almost no one has ever heard of a Cesky Terrier. Once I tell them a little history about the breed and its characteristics, they all seem very impressed! Makes me proud to know that I’m strolling around my town with such a rare breed. It also makes me very proud to know that I take great care of my little buddy, with regular groomings, good dog foods, plenty of exercise, and probably an overdose of love. But hey, a dog can never have too much of that right?…

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Tips On Walking The Cesky Terrier

I can honestly say that nothing will bond your dog with its owner than a good long walk.

What could be better?

You take your pal out for a long 45 minute to an hour stroll, you get some much-needed exercise. Your buddy gets his much-needed exercise. It creates a great activity for his mind. It shows your loyal companion that it is YOU that is the pack leader and creates an incredible bond.

Want to know something else? If you have other dogs and you need to introduce a new dog to the family, nothing will do that better than a long walk. Well, that is if you do walking correctly.

I wanted to share some of my tips here for walking your Cesky terrier but these tips will work with pretty much any dog.

I’ve owned dogs pretty much all of my adult life. I became a huge fan of the show The Dog Whisperer and learned a great deal about dogs that I started to figure out on my own. We owned a toy poodle for a while and it was the only dog we had. We later went out and got a toy Maltese to join our pack. When we first got the dog our poodle hates him! He always went after him and attacked him.

Well, I decided to take them both out for long 1 hour walks every day. I kept them both on short leashes and always walked in front of them to let them know that it was I that was in charge of the show. It’s crazy, but just after a few times of doing this, I discovered that they would both just submit and let me take the lead. almost as if they were waiting for me to do so!

With time, our poodle just got along with the Maltese and learned to expect him in the family. Whenever he’d try to get aggressive towards him I would simply stand in front of him and snap my fingers and he knew I was not gonna let that happen.

So when it comes to walking your cesky, here’s a few tips I’d follow.

Number 1 – Walk him everyday for at least 30 minutes. This also depends on the energy level of the dog. Some are a little more energetic than others and might need a good solid hour.

Number 2 – Always walk ahead of the pooch. I try to walk at a pretty good pace and shorten up the leash so that I am either always walking ahead of him or exactly side-by-side. This shows them that it is you that is in charge.

Number 3 – Make sure they focus. Always have them look forward and focus. Do not let them get distracted and allow them to start sniff around and peeing all over the place. Wait till the 30 minutes are up before you let them do that. this shows them a reward for maintaining their focus and being obedient.

Number 4 – Reward them. After a good long walk and having your little guy come in through that little dog door you set up for them, and reward the little guy with some snacks or treats. To me, this make me think that he thinks whenever we go out for a walk that we are actually going out seeking food. You know, just like a pack of wolves or wild dogs.

Make sure walking is a regular routine when you own a Cesky. Those little guys need to exert their energy. If you don’t, they will start to use that energy with bad habits like chewing stuff up or constant digging. So get out there and walk your dog!…

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How I Taught My Dog To Play Fetch

A great exercise for a dog is the simple and most cliche of all dog tricks. What is it?

It’s playing fetch!

The concept is simple right? You grab a ball, yell out to your dog “all right buddy! Go get the ball!”, then you toss the ball and he runs after it, grabs it, returns it and drops it off by your feet for you to toss it again.

As simple as that whole thing is, it is pretty tricky teaching your dog how to play fetch. The first thing you’re going to have to realize is that it’s going to take quite a bit of time to teach them.

If I was going to teach a dog to play fetch I would probably set aside about 1 hour a day for about a week to do the training. Another thing you’re going to have to keep in mind is that you’re going to have to be very patient with your little guy.

I would start off things with a tennis ball. I’d introduce them to the ball and just start rolling it around and get him used to playing with it. I’d bounce it around and make it exciting and make it fun.

What are going to quickly realize is that when he has the ball he’s not going to want to let go of it. What you don’t want to do is to yank it out of his mouth. This will only cause him to clamp down harder on the ball and not want to let go. What you have to do is just grab it in his mouth and hold it. Do not pull it just hold on. Let him give it up. By you simply grabbing it and holding it while he has it in his mouth too it causes him to give up and just give it to you. He in a way yields to you.

Once you start to do this in hold on to the ball and let him drop it he starts to get used to it. His little mind starts to understand that you want him to drop the ball off to you. So the next step would be to start to throw the ball a little ways out. He’ll run after it and grab it. Problem is sometimes he won’t come back to you. So you just got to call out his name and make it fun for him to come running back and you guys fight for the ball again. Once he gets back to you repeat the process of grabbing the ball from his mouth and not pulling it just holding it. He’ll begin to understand that he has to let it go. Once you do this enough times once you stick your hand out he’ll just voluntarily just drop it there. It’s pretty cool to see when that happens.

Once you get them used to getting the ball from a few feet away and get him used to coming back to you and letting go the ball it’s time to start chucking that thing further.

Start by throwing it out 20 to 30 feet out and having him bring it back to you. After a while he’ll start to understand what the whole concept is all about. Then you can start throwing it further and further away.

The next step you’re going to have to teach him is how to stop playing fetch. If you don’t teach him this he’ll never want to stop. The way I’ve taught my dogs to stop is very simple. Once we are done playing I grab the ball and yell up the word “mine”. Once I yell at that word mine I Hold On To The Ball and not moving anymore.

Doing this makes him realize that me, the pack leader, is daou in charge of the ball. I’ve taken control of it and ownership of it. Since he knows I am the leader he simply yields without any hesitation and is perfectly cool with the idea. He didn’t knows playtime is over. I snap him out of it and we go about our business.

That’s it. That’s pretty much how I teach a dog how to play fetch. It does take a little bit of time and a little bit of patience. And I will be honest, there are some dogs that simply don’t like it. They don’t like it and they will never learn it so you going to have to deal with that. My little maltese is like that.…

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